Dartmouth Women’s Ice Hockey Pre-Game Rituals (18W)



We decided to collect Dartmouth Women’ s Ice Hockey’s pre-game rituals for our collection project because we believe it shows behind the scenes of many rituals and traditions in Dartmouth Athletics. These rituals incorporate a numerous amount of bequests, which are traditions very prevalent in many aspects of the Dartmouth community. These bequests also show how well connected Dartmouth is to their heritage and traditions of the people that have come before them.

All of the folklore we collected were from interviews of members on the 2017-2018 Varsity Women’s Ice Hockey team. We collected rituals, traditions, and bequests between two or more players on game days. These days are seen as a very sacred day to the team and follow a strict structure and routine that changes minimally. Over the project, it became very clear the importance to every single step these rituals are performed. They are all executed at a very particular time within the game day timeline. Each player has a deep tie to the team rituals that bring them together, not only for themselves but for the program, alumni, and future players. Each player has their own personal perspective and love towards their specific bequests and rituals they may have started with girls on the team.

While there is a structure for the whole team to follow for game day, there is time in between some of these preparation steps where girls have some freedom to create new traditions, and pass down old ones.

Presentation: Dartmouth Women’s Ice Hockey Pre-Game Rituals



  • Brooke Ahbe
  • Claire Bird
  • Kate Landers
  • Sarah Tabeek


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