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Recon Jack – Unit Mascot

Title: Recon Jack – Unit Mascot

Informant info: Graham “Ossie” Osborn. Informant attends Dartmouth College in Hanover, NH as a United States Marine Corps Veteran. Informant was a member of the First Reconnaissance Battalion.

Type of lore: Customary/Verbal, Tradition, Ritual, Material Lore, Superstition, Toys

Language: English

Country of Origin: USA

Social / Cultural Context: Informant was interviewed at Dartmouth College. Informant was asked about a unit mascot.  He was in the US Marines in the First Recon Battalion and this is discussing their battalions unit mascot.

Associated file:

Transcript: Item: [I have recorded the item exactly how it was told to me in the interview]: Ours is called the “Recon Jack.” Marine Corps uniforms are different than every other kind of uniforms, because you are not supposed to be able to see that a marine is different. All marines are the same, whether they are a cook or machine gunner, but in the Recon units, you would have parachute wings, scuba bubbles if you’ve passed those courses. I don’t know if it’s traditions or rituals, but they clearly stick out when everybody’s uniform is the same. Anyone with “six marines,” which is an infantry unit they got to wear a cord that you see on some uniforms and they are the only one who were able to do that. Every unit has their own insignia, like the “Recon Jack” or “Masters of the Iron Horse” was the 2nd tank battalion or there was an Indian head for six marines. For first of the first which is first battalion first Marine Corps is a bull.

Informant’s comments: From the tone of the informants voice, the Recon Jack had a lot of history and fond memories associated with it.

Collector’s comments:  Ossie had a big smile on his face and fond memories while recalling “Recon Jack”