Coronavirus Folklore


The Covid-19 Pandemic has rapidly introduced new forms of folklore into the lives of those affected. This is a globally shared experience that has dramatically changed the way that all of us conduct our lives. Coronavirus folklore, including rituals and memes, often serve the purpose of ensuring cleanliness, entertaining those of us isolated from our friends and family, and creating a universal sense of empathy with each other.


Coronavirus Folklore


Conspiracy Theory/Urban Legend

Cleansing Ritual 1

Cleansing Ritual 2

Video Game Ritual
Sequence Board Game

Government Curve Meme

Canvas/Coronavirus Meme

Quarantine TikTok Meme 

Disinfecting Routine

Disinfecting Products from Stores

Disinfecting After Work


Celine Pietraszek
Kevin Xiao
Aditya Choudhari
Isaac Hanover