Dartmouth Sports Traditions


  • The type of folklore our group decided to collect was Dartmouth Sports traditions (including both varsity and club sports). As we started to build our collection of folklore, we noticed that there were three basic types of Dartmouth sports traditions: initiation/integration, pregame/postgame, and passing-of-the-torch traditions. Furthermore, we also noticed some common themes in these various traditions including: team-bonding, integrating new and old players, focusing before games, and honoring graduating players. Though initially we suspected that there might be some differences in the traditions between club and varsity sports, we found that that club and varsity sports were actually very similar in their traditions.





  • Matt Armstrong
  • Peter Conklin
  • Grant Gualteiri
  • Robert Hopkins
  • Jack Mascali
  • Pierce Widdecombe


  • Sports, Club, Varsity, Initiation, Integration