Corporate Recruiting Folklore


  • Dartmouth corporate recruiting is process where companies visit the Dartmouth campus to find new employees and interns, specifically for jobs in financial services and consulting. This process includes networking events, informational phone calls, and formal interviews.The majority of the knowledge surrounding recruiting is passed through word of mouth, and learned with experience. Corporate recruiting is viewed as a rite of passage for Economics majors at Dartmouth, as students transition from learning about econ in class to stepping foot in the corporate world. There is no clearly defined outline for how to participate in recruiting and there are lots of pieces that you can only learn and understand by being a part of the process. Frequently shared pieces of corporate recruiting folklore include horror stories about interviews, material folklore about attire and implicit etiquette shared by word of mouth.




  • Bridget Dougherty, Emily Ma, Matthew Kang, Sachin Vadodaria, and Aime Joo


  • Verbal Folklore, Customary Folklore, Material Folklore, Corporate Recruiting, Horror Stories, Riddles, Clothing, Rite of Passage