Symphonic Cello Folklore (W18)


  • For our Folklore Collections Project, we collected folklore on cellos. We picked our topic mainly because one of our group members has been a part of the Dartmouth Symphonic Orchestra (DSO) since his freshman year. And we chose to focus on cellos instead of the orchestra a whole because there would be too much variations between the folklore of all instrumental sections. Thus, it made sense to pick one section and represent it both accurately and in depth. Such a choice allowed us to fully understand how the cello section functions with a folklorists perspective.
  • We collected our folklore by interviewing most of the cellists in DSO and also by interviewing  a few people outside of DSO, just for some variation. During our interviews, we first explained to our informants what folklore refers to because we thought that their understanding of what we were looking for would make the interview process more directed and efficient. Then we asked them not only about their personal background (where they were born, where they were raised, when/why they got into playing the cello, where they see themselves in the future regarding music, etc), but also about anything items of folklore they were able to contribute. When the three of us got together after conducting all of our separate interviews, we realized that the culture that cellists share both on and off Dartmouth’s campus is very diverse and unique.


Items (9 total):


  • Junny (Ju Yun) Lee
  • Aditya Srivastava
  • Vincent Chen


  • Dartmouth Symphonic Orchestra, Cello, Cellists