Dartmouth Performance Group Rituals


At Dartmouth, there are many different clubs and groups. Many people are part of performance groups and there is a wide range of such groups. There are dance teams, acapella groups, comedy/improvisation groups and more.These groups are very popular across campus and students love watching their performances. Our group thought it would be interesting to interview different groups across campus to find out if certain teams have special rituals or traditions. A common theme amongst almost all of the groups, is that all of the teams strived to create an inclusive, close knit culture. Many of the teams functioned almost as second families, and as a result many of the rituals and traditions collected were a result of group’s efforts to create a stronger familial bond in the group.

In total, we collected 45 rituals, and 2 superstitions.



Raaz (Indian Fusion Dance Team)

Sheba (Hip-Hop Dance Group)

Ujima (Hip-Hop Dance Group)

Casual Thursday (Compedy/Improvisation Group)

Dodecaphonics (Acapella Team)

Street Soul (Street Style Dance Group)

X.ado (Christian Acapella Group)


  • 💡Shinar Jain
  • Marcus Reid
  • Sruthi Pasupuleti
  • Afnan Enayet
  • Alex Chan


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  • Team
  • Ritual
  • Tradition
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