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Title: DOC Folklore


“Something happened over the course of trips that served to allay the fears I had, worries about having to make all new friends, in the weeks leading up to my First Year Trip. When I stepped off the bus after my trip, I couldn’t wait to start my four years at Dartmouth.” – Luisa Sperry ‘13

The reason we chose the DOC as our folklore project is because it is the first real contact students have with Dartmouth. Students are usually anxious and intimidated and then thrown into this social space where the have no phones no dorm to go hide, only a group of people they have just met in the middle of the woods. With all these social barriers removed we felt that this where students actually learn about the traditions and history of the college.  Along with the extent of activities that students pursue here and available to them as well as the close-knit community.


A rich and diverse range of folklore has developed during the 107 years of the Dartmouth Outing Club’s existence. Old legends originated hundreds of years ago have transformed into modern customary traditions. While DOC folklore can be brand new, ancient, or somewhere in between, folklore is an existential part of the DOC history and culture and is nearly guaranteed to be part of every Dartmouth student’s “Dartmouth Experience.”


  1. Ledyard Sign Stealing
  2. Trips to the Sea ‎
  3. Ascension Ceremony
  4. Freshmen Boat Races
  5. John Ledyard Legend
  6. Doc Benton Legend
  7. Hike and Climb Ritual
  8. Canadian Ground Fruit
  9. Robert Frost’s Ashes
  10. Safety Show
  11. Moose
  12. First Year DOC Trip Raid
  13. Croo Initiation
  14. DOC Trip Shirts 
  15. Ledyard Feed
  16. Ledyard Spring Trip
  17. DOC Breakfast and Dinner at Lodj


Names of the collectors

  • Timothy Brennan
  • Michaela Riggs
  • James Schenck
  • Eun Kyung Yoon
  • Aman Agarwal


Dartmouth Outing Club, Trips, Ledyard Canoe Club, DOC


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