18W Upper Valley Hiking Folklore

Hiking is an important part of life among the local residents of the Upper Valley and the implanted residents who are the Dartmouth student body. The mountains of the region have much beauty and grandeur to offer. Appreciative relationships with nature, long periods spent together on the trails and the earth, and rich histories make hiking communities ripe for superstition, tradition, and communal narrative. Our group was excited to engage with these hiking communities and to learn about their lore.

The Dartmouth Outing Club (the DOCplays a large role in the hiking folklore of the entire Upper Valley region. But there exist, also, many sections of this folk group outside of Dartmouth. There is much interplay between the two. We have made sure to include a variety of sources, in order to fully represent the material.

Researchers Robin Jayaswal, Laura Jeliazkov, Daniel McClafferty, Adrian Padilla



Folklore of the Upper Valley Trails


Folklore Items:



Bookkeeping in Lore: The Record for ‘The 50’

Presence at Mount Washington

Buried Treasure in Charles, New Hampshire

Ghost of Carter Notch Hut

Robert Frost Ashes Prank

The Gorilla and the Stranded Man

Slang for Honey Sesame Sticks


Verbal Art

Dirtbag Climbers

Appalachian Trail Nicknames

The Brotherhood of the Rope

“a Mark Baker!”

Doc Benton


Tradition, Ritual

Canadian Ground Fruit

A Namaste Moment

Post-Hike Cuisine

The Southern Hikers’ Hospitality

Post-Hike Tradition: Candy Store



Campfire Songs



CnT Awards

The Bandanna