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Each year, new students at Dartmouth are invited to participate in the Dartmouth Outing Club’s First-year Trips, which take place in the weeks leading up to matriculation into Dartmouth. The vast majority of new students participate in “trips.” Trips are full of folklore, including much customary, verbal, and material folklore. Upperclassmen students work hard each year to ensure that these pieces of folklore return to trips to offer the new students the complete first-year trips experience. First-year trips can be seen as a Rite of Passage initiation ritual, with much folklore embedded in the ritual. The pre-liminal state of trips is before the trippees reach Dartmouth. The liminal state of trips begins when the trippees begin their trips at Robinson Hall (pictured above)  and continued throughout the rest of trips when trippees are isolated in the wilderness for four days. The post-liminal state of trips is marked by the trippees coming back to Dartmouth and officially becoming Dartmouth students. The ending of trips coincides with the beginning of orientation.


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Customary Folklore:

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  • 💡Madison DeRose
  • Clara Silvanic
  • Roshni Chandwani
  • Abhishek Bhargava
  • Henry Senkfor


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