Dartmouth Student Fashion


Fashion is a type of collective unconscious and unwritten tradition, thus classifying it as folklore. Our group came upon this topic when we sat down and tried to think of things that made Dartmouth College students unique. Instantly, we realized that some of the most distinguishing factors of Dartmouth students are their dress. Dartmouth College has no strict dress code, and so students are free to dress as they please. The size, demographic, and location of Dartmouth are factors that contribute to the style of its students. Differing cultures, and students coming from all around the world makes Dartmouth a perfect melting pot for fashion. For this folklore collection project, we surveyed 15 respondents, asking them to talk about what they are wearing, and why they wear what they do. Through our project we found that Dartmouth fashion could be segmented into 5 groups: geographic, extracurricular involvement, sports, hobbies, and bequests. Students often dress in order to express themselves, and this phenomenon is ever more present at Dartmouth College.




  • 💡Jonathan Fried
  • Drew Monroe
  • Alec Linden
  • Braden Pellowski
  • Jack Torney
  • Chris Williford


  • Dartmouth, Clothing, Fashion, Bequests, Material Lore, Customary Lore, Style, Tradition, Extracurricular Groups