Traditions and Rituals of American Sports Fans


  • Sports have always played a major role in our society. We know that many athletes have certain superstitions or rituals they perform in order to increase their performance, but what about fans?
  • Sports are very popular in America. The Super Bowl is consistently the most watched U.S. television broadcast. Last year Super Bowl XLIX had 114.4 million viewers.
  • For this project, we asked sports fans if they have any superstitions or rituals they perform in order to help their team win.
  • After interviewing many sports fans, we’ve found that it is common for fans to have superstitions and rituals.
  • No matter how absurd or admittedly dumb the traditions/rituals may be, the fans continue to do them



  • James Baumann
  • Dylan Chan
  • John Paul Flores
  • Shawn Honaryar
  • Matthew Kaufman
  • Logan Lukenda
  • Julian Ycaza


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