Firefighters Folklore


  • Purpose: We explored the different stories and experiences of the members from the Hanover Fire Department, Garden City Fire Department and Madison, CT Fire Department. We wanted to explore and examine the folklore that has developed at the firehouse during the times when there are no emergencies to respond to as well as examine any legends about large fires or other incidents they may have encountered.
  • Informants: 
    • Hanover FD: Michael Gilbert (Captain, age 50), Scott Letson (Lieutenant, age 35), Jeremiah Linehan (Firefighter, age 45), and Joe Amato (Firefighter, age 27)
    • Madison, CT FD: Anonymous (Volunteer, age 22)
    • Garden City, NY FD: Cody George (Volunteer, age 24)
  • Interviews: We conducted an in-person interview at the Hanover Fire Department with four members of their crew: Michael Gilbert, Scott Letson, Jeremiah Linehan, and Joe Amato. We also conducted phone interviews with a member of the Garden City Fire Department and a member of the Madison, CT Fire Department.
  • Data/Results: Along with recording the interviews, we took our own notes to capture not only what the informants were telling us, but how they were telling us. The data that we gathered from the firefighters fell into the following categories: superstitions, sayings, jokes/pranks, rituals, and a few legends.


Hanover FD 

Garden City FD

Madison, CT FD


  • Albie Austin
  • Sam Wilson
  • Ben Martin
  • Ryan Blankemeier

Tags/ Keywords:

  • Superstitions
  • Legends
  • Rituals
  • Folklore
  • Firefighters
  • Storytelling