Pre-Game Rituals in Athletics


  • For our project, we analyzed the different pre-game rituals that different sports teams engage in, at Dartmouth and abroad, in order to see if there were similarities between each team. These rituals share similarities but are also quite different with one another. This is reflective of the type of sport and mindset that each athlete must be in so that they can compete to the best of their ability. In this regard, some sports require a more aggressive, anger oriented mindset while other must attain a more focused, concentrated mentality. Our group attempts to analyze the variation of these different pregame rituals as a type of Folklore and see how these differences originated and how they affect the level of play and ability to perform of the athletes interviewed.

Presentation: Collection Project Slides

Our Video Compilation of Interviews with the Athletes



  • Henry Goodwyn
  • Sumner Erbe
  • Caroline Shaunessy
  • Alexa Limb


  • Sports
  • Athletics
  • Pre-Game Rituals