Dartmouth Students Exam Superstitions


Dartmouth students represent a unique subgroup within the greater national collegiate community. In addition to an ardent drive to excel academically, Dartmouth students share a common Liberal Arts curriculum and ambitious career aspirations. With so many over-achieving students attending Dartmouth, competition has become notably fierce within the academic community. Students must cope with an increasing pressure to be top of their class and maintain a particular GPA in addition to maintaining a myriad of extracurricular activities. Furthermore, rumors regarding difficult classes exacerbate the already high-stress environment. Consequently, many students turn to superstitions that manifest in ritualistic actions and charms to relieve stress and improve their chances of success. Most students hear about rituals/superstitions from their friends and copy them or create their own variations. Exam superstitions serve as coping mechanism for ameliorating stress and so they spread between students via diffusion as student seek out new ways to succeed in classes.




  • 💡Elizabeth Khusid
  • Paul Cane
  • Kyle Rosen
  • Miranda Greig
  • Jamir Pleitez
  • Magdalena Raska


  • Superstitions. Rituals. Homeopathic Magic. Contagious Magic. Diffusion.