DDS Folklore


Dartmouth Dining Services (DDS) Folklore


  • We decided to collect Dartmouth Folklore associated with dining facilities on campus, since these are community spaces for both students and faculty. The shared nature of these spaces creates a rich environment for folklore to flourish, since each and every student uses these facilities and can relate to the associated stories. We collected folklore from students and student employees through face-to-face interviews. Our collection includes superstitions, traditions, urban legends, jokes, and games.


  1. Poop in the Soup

    Red Social Cup

    Hot KAF Guy

    Foco Apple Game

    Novack Sushi

    Old Man Foco

    The Novack Lady

    Class of 1953 Commons: Dark Side versus Light Side

    The Legend of the Foco Finger

    The Student Trapped in the Drain

    Phil the Foco Mug

    The KAF Cup and the Dartmouth 7


    The Foco Challenge

    Fork in the Tray

    Dartmouth Dining Services Folklore Release Forms


  • The folklore that we collected offers a brief glimpse into an elusive concept that we call the “Dartmouth Identity.” The isolation that we experience here in Hanover has created a tight-knit community of students with shared experiences, and our folklore collection has made this harmony even more apparent. It is interesting to note that many of our items are urban legends. We hypothesize that this phenomenon is due to the structure of college campuses, where lore easily passes from class to class.


  • Sydni Topper, Phil Claudy, Dami Apoeso, Robbie Van Voorhis, Peter Strawn


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