Dartmouth Memes



  • We decided to collect Dartmouth-themed memes for our collection project because we believe that as a result of how technology has radically changed the way we communicate, internet memes have evolved into one of the newest forms of folklore. Memes combine verbal, customary, and material folklore to entertain groups who share a common factor, and in our case that factor is Dartmouth. Dartmouth memes are images, texts and videos that are passed from student to student throughout the campus, and they express experiences, thoughts, and jokes that all who know Dartmouth can partake in and enjoy. Even though Dartmouth memes are primarily found on the internet, we are confident that they are folklore because they are collective, memorable, and anonymous, and they spread in multiple variations throughout different folk groups. 
  • We collected our folklore by interviewing some of the most prominent figures on the Dartmouth meme page, and during the interviews, we probed our informants about why they love memes and what their memes mean to them. Over the course of the project, it became evident that Dartmouth memes are more than just silly images on the internet; they are expressions of what it means to be a Dartmouth student, aimed at both celebrating and critiquing the College.




  • 💡Bryce Killian
  • Noah Sofio
  • Arthur Kaslow
  • Michael Thurston


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