Final Thoughts

cropped-5.pngWhenever I picture myself in Nonoava, I think of a beautiful place where there is a lot of water trickling by the rocks. You can hear the current and view the mountains. You feel a fresh, smooth breeze. Everything is so tranquil. I love that kind of place.

In Colorado, I have found several beautiful places that remind me of Mexico. The water just runs, and chuck!

Life in the United States was not exactly the way I imagined it to be. I thought it would be very beautiful and very special, almost made out of plastic. But in reality, life here is very disposable. In Mexico, you find things like oranges, peaches, apples all in their given seasons. Here you can find them at any time of the year. That’s just not right. There are a lot of chemicals that go into the food you eat here. The houses are also different. Here, you can just get a trailer, add the things that a house has and live there. I found that to be very strange, and I didn’t think I was going to be able to survive in those kinds of livings spaces. But, I have lived in trailers. In Mexico, everything was made out of cement blocks and brick. Here, houses are almost made out of cardboard boxes.

The good thing I found here were the communities. I did not see them in Mexico.

Lo que quiero que TU sepas de México
What I want YOU to know about Mexico

Mexico is a very beautiful place. The saddest part about it is that the government is very corrupt. There is so much poverty in Mexico and the government does not help at all. Mexico would be a very rich country if we had a president who could change thing and give work to people, and there wouldn’t be as many Mexicans in the United States.

Everyone in the Mexican community is poorly paid. There are individuals in the United States who receive titles of professors, doctors, even judges. They studied and worked very hard. Nevertheless, they are here, in the United States, working in the cleaning industry as housekeepers. Even the salary of a housekeeper in the United States is higher than professional professions in Mexico.

People come here because they don’t find a future in Mexico. The workers are just being robbed. But, I want to tell those who are here, if your parents are Mexican, go visit Mexico and enjoy the beauty of it. Because Mexico is a very beautiful country.

If you are considering coming to the United States illegally, I would dissuade you from doing that. There is so much fraud here with the coyotes, people who promise you to guide you to the United States. It’s also much more dangerous now. But, if you are able to find a way to legally come here, then welcome. Enjoy everything as much as you can and have a safe journey.