Through this project, I have not only learned so much more about my aunt’s life, but I have also seen how several of the themes we discussed in class presented themselves in her life. I also feel that I have a better understanding of her as a person, and I am extremely grateful to her for having shared her story with me.

I have also learned about different factors that play into the life of a migrant. My aunt came to the United States to be able to help my grandparents financially. But, it was not just those reasons that motivated her to move, but rather also her family. Different family factors made her take the decision to migrate to the United States such as her father’s opposition of her working. In a sense, this is slightly different than the examples we have been reading in class. In the examples from class, we have mainly read about families migrating starting with the father or the male and then the female migrates. My aunt was single at the time she came to the United States and it was mainly to support her family. It is almost an obligation to migrate.

In a sense, making the decision to immigrate to the United States mainly sprouts from the desire to financially aid family. Whether it be a parent or a spouse. I also learned about how connections and networks definitely play an enormous role in being able to make it in the United States. I remember how in some books we read, people didn’t make it in the United States because they couldn’t find work. They just came on their own but were not able to thrive. My aunt used the connections she made through work in order to thrive.

Additionally, I learned about how migration changes a person. Through migration, you become more accommodated to the new community you are a part of. You get used to the commodities in the United States that do not exist in your natal country. And, in the end, no matter what happens you really end up just building new roots in your new community. My aunt mentioned how she was not able to visit Mexico as often as she would have liked. She was busy here taking care of her children, American citizens. She mentioned how they belong here, in the United States because this is where they were born. And, since she is her mother, she has to stay here and take care of them since her new world revolves around them and ensuring their success.