Transition to Living in the US

In 1998, Jose Vasquez moved, with his 3 sisters, to Platte City, Missouri to live with their father. Upon arriving to Platte City, he states that “being in a small town, where [they] are the only hispanic family… not having anyone else around you” as being a few of the issues he first faced upon living in the US. “I felt trapped. It was this feeling of desperation,” said Jose describing his experience of feeling out of place in the US. By having such a drastic shift of life styles, he faced a “culture shock” of being in a completely different setting. As he lived 16 years of his life in Mexico before coming to the US, he migrated as an older teenager, forcing him to attend a school in a city that was not accustomed to anything out of the ordinary, making his transition more difficult as he discusses how education in the US changed his live in the next section.

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