Community Involvement

During his Senior year of Undergrad, he began to talk to first generation students in high schools about “college, scholarships, FAFSA, and SAT’s”. He realized that the students in High School were in a similar situation as him; being completely alone in the process of getting an education. As Jose’s Counselor stood by his side during his rough times of high school, he took that role for the other High School students and decided to not go to Med School following graduation to continue helping the community. Seeing the need for someone to help the High School students, Jose felt that he should stand by their side to help the students out and continued to help out following graduation.

After being told about a Master’s program in higher administration education, he became a part of the program in hopes of being an administrator to help the students to get into college. Feeling that people “focus too much on how to get the students into college, but after they get here, what do they do?” Knowing that he went through the entire process in high school and college, he wanted to help others out to motivate others similar to him to continue gaining an education. Feeling that his experience greatly correlates with the struggles other first generation students are facing, he wants to continue focusing on helping them to realize that they have the same opportunity he has to continue to do well.

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