Life and Work After Grad School

Near his graduation for his Master’s degree, he wanted to begin working on his career by working with a university. He ultimately applied to 60 jobs in Kansas City to work at a college, and with no luck, he began to look for jobs out of state. Through this process he found a job in Pennsylvania, and decided to go out there to start his career.

As he was beginning to reach a new chapter in life, he had to leave behind everything in Kansas City again to go out to Philidelphia. Despite being attached to Kansas City that he began to feel a part of, he found the transition to be difficult. Upon arriving in Philidelphia he was surprised by the lack of Mexican’s, and found the environment to be completely different. He began to work with student development programs, but did not feel completely satisfied with his job.

He then decided to move out to Illinois, at take up a job at Urbana Champaign. Due to the location being close to his family, he greatly enjoyed being able to see his family on a more consistent basis. Here he worked in organization development to improve various programs at the school. Realizing that he wanted to move on with life, he began to look for jobs again.

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