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3 thoughts on “Peer Review

  1. Eddie! The videos are awesome! I think that having a video interview is great because the viewer will really get to hear Jose’s voice and his experience. I think that having a written section above or below the video would be effective in that you could highlight the main themes in the video that we will be watching.
    One of your tabs says “Eddie’s Life”.
    You don’t have a tab about what Jose has done recently or what he is doing now. I think that would be interesting to have. If Jose has pictures that he is able to share with you, it would pull the video even more into the story.
    The image of San Jeronimo is great. But because you use the “Bienvenidos a San Jeronimo” image as the header image, maybe another picture would be better for the background.
    Jose has a very interesting story and you did a good job of capturing that in video. I think when this is finished, it will be amazing!

    Also, the above picture is hilarious. 🙂

  2. Eddie,

    Your intro provides a great overview of Jose’s journey, but you might want to consider eliminating the commas and making more sentences so that it flows better. I really like your use of video clips, they give the audience an opportunity to hear Jose’s voice, and to see facial and body expressions used, fully capturing his emotions! The order of events is logical, but you don’t have anything about Jose’s post-college life. So far it seems like you’re doing an amazing job, I’m sure Jose will be proud of the way you represent him!

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