Welcome to the Gender and the Media Group

In Sex, Gender, and Society, we explore the intersections of gender, race, sexuality, and demographics. This information culminated into a video project of our own, each group focusing on a unique aspect of their chosen topic. Our group chose to analyze gender in the media for the video project. We explore how media constantly bombards people with graphics, slogans, and associations – all with the goal of customers buying products. Additionally, our group examines how the media influences gender roles and how the portrayal (and lack thereof) of gender influence social expectations for people based on their gender.

The video project includes several interviews of a diverse pool. People included are college peers and a professor who has lived long enough to see significant change in media as technology developed. The people interviewed also range in gender identity including male, female, and transgender. Our intent when choosing the interviewees was to try to have diverse perspectives to shed light on media’s influence not only on the cisgender population, but also the influences on a sampling of the non-cis genders.