Adrián HernándezHe carries the hardships of Mexico City in his brow,
His stern face and strong character
Are trophies of survival.

His walk is a bittersweet reminder of home –
Hard footsteps, Soft landings
Fists clenched, face blank
Never show them weakness
And always let them doubt.

His forward gaze pierces the view,
Soft eyes are noticed by few.

The thickness of his accent is a form of resistance,
The hard r’s are strength
And the hard d’s that replace th’s are a rebellion.

His aging hands,
Filled with scars and calluses,
Are battle scars of the many years of hard work –
Money never comes cheap,
And the physical damage comes costly.

A man of few words,
A man of many thoughts,
My father is a showcase of
Ambition and Drive.
Author: Daniela Hernández, 2013

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