Fast Forward- Life since her early years

After her early years, from crossing the line, to traveling to California for work, Concepcion continued to live in the place she now sees as home, Douglas, Arizona. Even through today, as a 97 year old woman, she is still living in Douglas.

Concepcion has her four kids, 2 of them are deceased, Alicia and Jesus. Lydia and Maria are still alive and well. From her kids, Concepcion now has grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and even great-great grandchildren, with recent additions to the family coming within the past year.

Concepcion is currently living in an assisted living home, as she is still sharp as a tack and is still able to do many thing for herself. She is a joy to talk to and has demonstrated time and time again that she possesses a strong spirit and a strong heart.

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