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  1. Hi Brittany!
    I hope all is well. I just wanted to leave you comment to give you some feedback on your oral history. I think its coming along great. I really like that you are including pink because it is Concepcion’s favorite color. I also like that you have a More about Concepcion section because it is very unique and a quick bio can help so that we can get to know her better (my grandma also loves Elvis). I really like the cover photo of her but I think it might not be as stretched if you put it in the text, and maybe use a photo of that landscape of her home for the top photo. I’d also suggest moving the menu order so that its goes: Home, Oral History, More about Concepcion, Interview Transcript, Index, Peer Review and Return to DLOHP, I’d also suggest removing one of the Meta’s from your sidebar menu. I know its still coming along, but I think you have a great start! Good luck with the rest of your project! Best, Autumn

  2. Hey Brittany,

    Your page looks like its coming along nicely. I completely agree with the suggestions that Autumn made above. I think that it would look better if you change the center layout to white instead of pink because it’ll pop more. I really like the ‘More About’ page. Its unique to your website, so thats a plus.

    I’m looking forward to the testimonials from family members and photos.

    Good Luck!


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