Oral History-Index

This is the index for Concepcion’s oral history. Please explore all the areas, leave feedback, especially on what you would like to see expanded.

Cananea, Sonora Her life in Cananea before she came to the United States

Crossing the Line- Coming to the United States Concepcion’s journey across the line, from Cananea, to Aqua Prieta, and finally, to Douglas, Arizona.

Douglas- Childhood and education at Salamale school Concepcion settles into Douglas, and starts attending school at Salamale.

Enduring hardship- entering the workforce and the Great Depression Graduation. Work. The Great Depression.

Life Goes on- Life after the Great Depression Despite the hardships, there are some happy life events as well.

Fast Forward- Concepcion’s life since her early years– A gloss over her years since then, at least for now.