Areas of Inquiry

This assignment has the following learning goals:

  • To use the experience of the Nepal earthquakes as a learning tool to think holistically about global health as a field of practice;
  • To use our own classroom-based learning to facilitate global health learning experiences for others;
  • To create the first draft of a durable, multi-modal platform through which to raise awareness about core global health equity issues as they intersect with sociocultural and political-economic concerns, and to raise awareness about why Nepal matters.

Areas of inquiry have been selected from many possible topics, but are meant to reflect some of the core issues that are impacting life, health, and realms of possibility for people in post-earthquake Nepal.

At present, these areas of inquiry include:

  1. Healthcare infrastructure
  2. Mental health and cultural response to trauma
  3. Maternal and child health
  4. Caste-based inequality
  5. Education and school infrastructure
  6. Migration and remittance economies
  7. Environment and Climate Change
  8. Religion and religious institutions
  9. Engineering, infrastructure, design
  10. Human trafficking (especially women/girls)