Jose Clemente Orozco’s Epic of American Civilization at Dartmouth College

Welcome! This site contains all of my work from Spanish 7: Mexican Muralists. Over the course of our studies, we touched on the general history of the Mexican Revolution and the three famous muralists, Los Tres Grandes. We visited the Orozco murals at Dartmouth College and responded to a panel of our choice in Response Paper 1. In Response Paper 2, we dove into the mestizaje and examined what exactly the culture restored by the Mexican Revolution consisted of. Lastly, In Response Paper 3, I examined the regulation and commission of mural art in regards to my research paper topic, which is mural art in Northern Ireland.

Republican Mural in Belfast, Northern Ireland

I elected to write my research paper on the history of mural art in Northern Ireland. During the Troubles, the period of political violence between pro and anti British parties, mural art was used as a powerful political tool. I see many correlations between this use and how murals were used as a revolutionary tactic in Mexico, so I decided to explore it further.