Pre-Interview Framework


  • Could you please tell me your full name.
  • What country are you originally from?
  • What year were you born and what year did you leave?

Life and Family in the Dominican Republic:

  • What was your community like when you were growing up?
  • Can you tell me about your family life?
  • Did your family have to struggle economically?
  • What were you like as a young adult?
  • What were you doing before you moved here?
  • What do you remember about what was going to in the country and your community when you were growing up? [Any particular historical events and experiences?]

Migrating to the United States:

  • Why did you leave?
  • How did you feel about leaving? How did you prepare for your trip?
  • Where did you first settle?
  • How did you get there? Who came with you?
  • Can you tell me about some of your first experience or impressions when you arrived?
  • What did you do first, in terms of employment or school? What did you study, why?
  • What were the challenges of being in that environment?


  • What other kinds of work have you engaged in, before coming to Dartmouth?
  • How have people treated you in the work place?
  • Have you faced discrimination outside of the work place? If so, how?
  • How does your work at Dartmouth compare to your work at NYU right before moving here?

Movement in the United States:

  • How did you end up in the Upper Valley? How was it adjusting to living here?
  • How would you compare how people treated you (or treat you when you visit) in New York as compared to Hanover? If there are differences, what might you attribute them to?

Belonging, Connection, and Community Life:

  • What efforts have you made to remain tied to the Dominican Republic and Dominican culture?
  • What does citizenship mean to you?
  • How do you identify yourself in terms of citizenship? Do you feel you belong in the United States (is that different in NY than NH)?
  • What does “home” mean to you and where is it?
  • Are you here to stay, or do you plan to return? Why?

Writing and Dance:

  • Can you tell me how poetry and writing have helped shape your life in the U.S.?
  • Why are you interested in tango, salsa, etc.?
  • How has your creative engagement changed before and after being at Dartmouth?
  • What is it like to be part of the Dominican writing community?
  • Why do you choose to write in Spanish?
  • What are you most proud of in your writing career?


  • Can you tell me about our greatest achievement in this country? Biggest challenge?
  • Can you tell me about any hopes or plans you have for the future?

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