Contact Information

Director: Xing Laoshi (Cell Phone: 15210091267); AD: Shang Laoshi (Cell: 13651027749);DA: Yuan Laoshi (Cell: 18813085578); BNU: Zhao Laoshi (; Cell: 13488752523). More contact info can be found in the post of June 17 below.

Important Dates

Saturday, June 20: Dormitory opens; Monday, June 22: First day of classes; Wednesday, August 26: Last day of classes; Thursday, August 27 to Monday, September 7: End of term trip to Yunnan, Tibet and Sichuan; Thursday, September 10: Dormitory closes.

Important Links

Off-Campus Programs (; International SOS (; US Embassy in China (

Arrival Information

You should have received Xing laoshi's confirmation email if you expect to be picked up from the airport. Our bus will be in the airport around 1:15 PM on 6/20. Look for Xing laoshi or someone with "Dartmouth FSP" in hand inside the main hall of the international arrival in Terminal 3.

THANK YOU: Concluding Remarks

As the Director of the 2015 China Foreign Study Program, I would...

17th Sep

Panda Base

On September 7, 2015, we arrived at our last stop the Chengdu...

14th Sep

The Nine Village Valley

We voted to decide whether or not we would visit the three...

14th Sep

Yellow Dragon

The multi-color pools in the Yellow Dragon scenic area were truly impressive....

14th Sep

Stone Forest

Everyone in China knows the Stone Forest in Yunnan.

14th Sep

Between Cang Mountains and Er Lake

Cangshan (mountains) and Erhai (lake/sea) are the home of Dalishi (marble). For...

14th Sep

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

We well prepared for our visit to the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain...

14th Sep


Shangri-La means the Sun and the Moon in the Heart in the...

14th Sep

Tiger Leaping Gorge

One of the deepest gorges in the world, Tiger Leaping Gorge is...

14th Sep

The First Bend of China’s Longest River

The Yangtse River is China’s longest river, the third longest river in...

14th Sep