Welcome to the Upper Valley Field Trip Site

Welcome to the Upper Valley Field Trip Webpage, a collective effort of Dartmouth’s Geography 7: Landscapes of New England and Geography 45: Exploring Nature and Culture in New England. In each of these classes, we spend a term exploring the landscapes of the Upper Valley from Dartmouth’s campus to farms in Central Vermont. This website is our attempt to share with you what we have learned. Broken into three groups – Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH, and the Upper Valley – these field trip guides will help you get to know Dartmouth and the surrounding area. For example, by examining Dartmouth’s Green as both a quadrangle — a key component of many college campuses in North America — and a common — central to the history of New England town — we offer deeper insights into the ways in which the Upper Valley represents bigger patterns in New England and across the country. So doing, we hope to provide you with a fresh perspective as you walk around campus. Likewise, by exploring what restaurants and stores downtown Hanover in home to and where their products come from, we hope you’ll learn something new about New England’s landscapes of consumption and their connections to places near and far. And finally, by exploring the history of manufacturing along the Connecticut River alongside the particularities of low-income life in the Upper Valley, we hope that you will have a better sense of how the landscape of the Upper Valley shapes the livelihoods of its residents. Taken together, we hope that these field trip guides help you understand the many different landscapes of New England, as well as their human and environmental components. So, please, visit, learn, and enjoy these various landscapes of Dartmouth, Hanover, and the Upper Valley. We certainly did.