Blog Post 2

Job automation is a huge concern for people in  America and around the globe.  Trump has made promises to his constituency that he will bring back jobs, specifically manufacturing jobs, back to America.  But have those jobs left America or have they been replaced with robots?  A new study from research firm PwC shows that jobs are being automated a higher rate than ever and the trend looks sure to continue in the future. Construction jobs seems particularly at risk according to this infographic released by PwC.

Really nice design in content in this one.  Great use of negative space and color coordination.  NPR has also addressed this topic in one of their podcasts, which, for some, may be a more easily digestible medium to understand the facts around this complex subject.  The link is posted bellow.

Blog Post 1

A new book “Bodies in Beds” has been released diving into the world of private, for profit prisons and the problems and conflicts of interest they present.  #PrisonDivest has tweeted about and endorsed the book in an effort to raise awareness of the issue and shed light on the government’s involvement in the industry.  Lobbyists and political donors are the backbone of the American government’s continued support for the system and millions of dollars have been spent by the leading prison corporation, such as CoreCivic and GEO, to maintain the status quo and preserve the profits of a $3 billion plus industry.