Pre-Collegiate Samples

The one’s with asterisks are the one’s I would like to draw the most attention to.


*Intel Paper (It’s 20 pages, but the beginning is a Literature Review so I compared it to the one from this course). Btw I was a 2014 Intel STS Semifinalist (b/c of this awesome paper)

Abstract (Because you don’t really wanna sift through that whole paper, do you?)

Argument-Based Writing:

*Argument Essay Rochford (My favorite piece of writing)

TV Synthesis Essay (Found this in the same folder and remembered the fun I had with it)

Creative Writing:

*Hook (Notre Dame 150 word prompt: Get us hooked in 150 words or less)

*Favorite Word or Quirk (2 UVa Short prompts)

*Salutatorian Speech (I only went to this school for one year, so this was a strange task)


Looking Back, My Common App Essay (On which I was advised) Sucked. I Don’t Like It.

Hence, I Will Not Link To It. Because It Was Baaaaad.

Okay Fine. Common App Essay