The Team

Ivy Schweitzer, Dartmouth College Ivy Schweitzer is Professor of English and past chair of Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at Dartmouth College. She recently completed The Occom Circle, a digital edition of works by and about Samson Occom, a Mohegan Indian writer and activist, and was the co-producer for the documentary film It’s Criminal: A Story of Prison and Privilege, based on the courses she co-teaches in and about jails. She is the creator and editor of this project, for which she was awarded the Wilson Senior Faculty Fellowship at Dartmouth.
Victoria Corwin is a Dartmouth class of ‘19 and a student of English and Classical Archaeology. She edits the Stonefence Review and writes fiction and poetry whenever the time is right. A voracious reader and a devout Dickinson scholar, she swears by adjectives, Open Me Carefully, and “One Sister have I in the house -,” and thinks words only grow more powerful when crossed out.

Harriette Yahr moderates film financing panel at WRIF.
Harriette Yahr moderates panel at WRIF. Copyright 2017 Robert C Strong II
Harriette Yahr ’87 works across creative sectors as a writer, film director/producer/editor/shooter, workshop instructor, creative consultant and go-to partner for a range of print, media, and web-based projects (including designing this website). Her latest “production” won a Dartmouth Book Arts Prize honorable mention. In her past life at Dartmouth, she graduated with honors in Film Studies and received two academic citations for excellence (in Science and in Electronic Music). She met Ivy Schweitzer in 1984 (in the offices of STET Magazine @ Dartmouth where she had her first gig as writer) and has been a fan ever since.

Raul Rodriguez, Dartmouth ’19 was a student in the first seminar on “The New Emily Dickinson” in  2017 and joined the team as a Presidential Scholar in Winter and Spring 2018 where he did web uploading and publishing.

Joseph Waring Joe Waring, Dartmouth ’18, studied English, Italian, and Linguistics. He came by Dickinson like most, in his high school classroom, where he memorized “It Feels A Shame To Be Alive,” and was happy to revisit Dickinson in Professor Schweitzer’s class, “The New Emily Dickinson: After The Digital Turn.” His favorite Dickinson poem is, unquestionably, “The Mushroom is the Elf of Plants.”
Emily Bjorkman, Dartmouth ’21, joined the team in Summer 2018, doing research for “This Week in History.”