Through this website, we explore various feminist issues, with a focus on beauty perceptions and how they affect the identities of women from an intersectional standpoint. As you navigate the website, you can learn more about some important feminist thinkers that have helped the campaign for women’s equality. Furthermore, you can read entries logged in by all the three bloggers (Farid, Sherrina, and Julie) of this website, which touch on thought-provoking ideas regarding feminism. In the Media Analysis tab, each blogger analyzes various documentaries from a cinematographic standpoint and from an ideological standpoint. The culmination of this website lies within the video. Our documentary primarily focuses on the idea of intersectionality by having an interview with only one girl, giving us the opportunity to zero in on her and the interplay of her different identities. Namely, we are able to delve deeper into  how the clashing beauty perceptions of her various identities that define her, and how they create an internal struggle. 

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