Our aim with this project is to shed light on the fine art of balancing work and family. Often, it is hard to truly understand the sacrifices our parents made to raise children, the tradeoffs they experienced as they made decisions about whether to stay at home or return to work after the birth of a child, and the ways that these decisions affected their parenting, marriages, and relationships with their children. As Dartmouth students preparing to enter the world of work and embarking on new family journeys, this is a critical moment in our lives when opening a window into our parents’ histories can enlighten our own decisions going forward.

In the subsequent pages, I am going to flush out the decisions that went into my parents work-life balance, how this translated into parenting techniques, the impacts these techniques had on my childhood experience, and how St. Sebastian’s, a place I would never have desired or had the opportunity to attend without the guidance and efforts of my parents, had a profound impact on shaping the man that I am today.Then, as a way of viewing my life through a sociological lens, I will present the idea of the sociological imagination as it was presented to us by C. Wright Mills and explain its value in looking at my parents decisions, my experiences, and ultimately the ways in which I came to be the person that I am today.

My goal is to show the experience of, sacrifices necessitated by, and the power of parenting. In innumerable ways, I would not be the person I am today without my parents. They have made countless sacrifices for our family. They have and continue to put so much love and care into me and my siblings. In my humble opinion, they are as good of parents as there are. Their efforts have resulted in a special, strong family that is the single most important thing to me in this life.

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