Third Parent Factor

It is extremely important for me to acknowledge the critical role that my sister has played in my life and not to downplay the effect that it had on my ensuing success and in making me the person that I am today.  I was fortunate enough to be put in a situation where I had a sister that was nine years older and who took on a motherly role with me.   dylan21

Because she took this role so seriously, she really was like a third parent to me. She was the one that really instilled good work habits in me. When we would get home from school we would both sit down at the dining room table and do all of our homework. It wasn’t until after this was completed that I could go play. Having her there was so helpful in my learning process, because I always had her to explain a concept to me or help edit my writing.dylan 30

In addition to her helping me with my homework, she also facilitated my intellectual development by frequently playing games with me that were mentally stimulating.

In the end, my sister was instrumental in my upbringing because it ensured that I was constantly interacting with adults and continually feeling a sense of entitlement.

I always found it funny that when I was on sports teams I would always prefer to sit around with the parents instead of play with the other kids. While many people thought this was weird, it was just what I was used to and ended up being extremely beneficial for me long term.


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