Scan_Pic0074 - CopyScan_Pic0066 - CopyThe prosperity and progress of the 1950s facilitated a subsequent era in which young people had the freedom and confidence to pursue individualistic goals without concern for financial stability. Some of these individualistic goals included the pursuit of greater
knowledge, causing an increase in the number of young people attending and graduating from college. The college experience played an important role in developing a generation of critical thinkers, who questioned their values and made judgments about their environments. This facility to critically think enables one to challenge existing order and more fully pursue the act of personal choice. Although my dad and mom were born in 1956 and 1959, respectively, I can see how societal and cultural changes affecting young people in the 1960s continued to affect my parents’ experiences and choices as young people and recent college graduates. My parents devoted the period after college and before marriage to self-exploration and personal fulfillment.