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This is the story of the Jenny Family from Wayland, Massachusetts. My mother, Andi, and my father, Chris, met at work at Bain & Company in 1981 and were married by September 1986. Both knowing they wanted children right after marriage, they had their first child, Alex, only a year after they got married. Two years later, Christopher followed, and I was born two years after him. Five years later, my sister, Elizabeth, joined us. My siblings are my best friends, and my family is extremely close. My parents have done a wonderful job making sure our home and family life is always positive and comforting, which definitely contributes to our close-knit family bond.

Though I had never thought too much about my family structure, after conducting interviews with my parents, I realized just how “traditional” my family structure is. On the outside, my family is what Stephanie Cootz would refer to as the 1950’s “Traditional American Family.” So, through this website and this project, I will explore the following: My parents took on the “traditional” family structure with the male breadwinner and female homemaker. My parents have developed separate spheres in which they reaffirm their “traditional” gender roles, which can be seen through their career decisions, parenting techniques, and roles and chores around the house.