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Studio-2-1This is my family: my mother, my father, and me. As an only child I am insanely jealous of anyone with siblings. However, I still see us as a family of five because of our two dogs, Winky and Odie. Though I could talk endlessly about my family, in this blog I wanted to focus on exploring my parent’s relatively unconventional trajectory to family-formation.

Keep two things in mind:

1. I am an international student from South Korea, a country with more strict adherence to traditional gender roles and less egalitarian families. Fathers usually have the final say in  major decisions and children are expected to be obedient and respectful to their parents.

2. More specifically, I grew up in Gangnam which is famous for being academically competitive (forget about Psy’s crazy music videos and just remember tiger-mom stereotypes on steroids). Students go to school 220 days an year and cycle through multiple private academies (called hagwons) after school.

Let the journey begin:






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