Introducing the Van Loon Family

From Left to Right, Devon, Paris and me

My parents, Rick and Jean

My name is Jazz Van Loon and I am currently a junior at Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire. I grew up with my parents, Jean and Rick, and my two sisters, Paris (20) and Devon (19) in a New Jersey suburb called Little Silver. My twin sister, Paris is currently a junior at Ithaca College and my younger sister, Devon is currently a sophomore at Syracuse University.


Both of my parents are working parents and have been since my birth, but what makes my family unique is that fact that my Dad works from home. My dad, Rick is the owner of two businesses, a Sailing School in Jersey City, NJ on the Hudson River as well as his own wedding band, the Sirius Orchestra. Because my dad has always been his own boss and thus has always created his own work hours, he adopted the role of a stay at home father. My mom on the other hand has been working a corporate job in New York City since I was born, working on special projects for Ralph Lauren.