“Dinner is for family. We should all make time to eat together at least once a day.”

To my stay-at-home Mom, dinner is a very important time. It is a time for everyone to come together at the end of the day, share our thoughts, and talk about our days. As a teenager who simply wanted to go out with friends or have dinner with my boyfriend, I usually dismissed my Mom’s obsession with family dinners. But after coming to college, I really miss sitting down with someone at the end of the day and sharing my stories. More than anything, I miss my family dinner. So this is my way of showing gratitude for all the sacrifices, love, and family dinners my parents have provided for me and my sisters for all these years.

내 가족 이야기 (Nae ga-jok E-yagi)

Coming to America for the first time for college made me become very aware of my status as a minority student. I am constantly one of the few students with two different names (one Korean and one English), a monosyllabic last name, and family living across the ocean. While working on this project and exploring my very Korean family, I had a sudden realization that I had been trying unnecessarily hard to fit in with the majority on campus. Hence, naming my project 내 가족 이야기 (Nae ga-jok E-yagi), which means “The Story of My Family” in Korean, is my effort to fully embrace my nationality, my family, and my minority-self. So here goes “내 가족 이야기.”