Purpose / Description

This site serves as my e-portfolio for the Dartmouth course: The Politics and Ethics of Development in Latin America: The Nicaraguan Context. This site showcases my research and personal reflections on Nicaragua and service learning trips. Within this site you will find: an 'About Nicaragua' section that focuses on immigration and internal migration, a 'Final Project' section that holds an overview of my group's research on improving nutrition through sustainable agriculture. You will also find: an 'Oral History Project' that describes an interview with a student who visited Nicaragua last year, a 'Blog' component that has my personal thoughts on various topics, an 'About the Author' page that serves as a brief introduction to yours truly, and a 'Sources' section that lists the sources I used to create the website.


Blog Post 1

08th Nov

Service Learning Organizations

Blog Post 2

08th Nov

Conducting Ethnography

Blog Post 3

08th Nov

Pictures From a Revolution

Blog Post 4

08th Nov


Blog Post 5

08th Nov

Final Presentations & Reflection

Blog Post 6 and 7

04th Nov