On February Nineteenth, 2016, students, professors, anthropologists, and representatives of Nepal convened at Dartmouth College for the Public Health Responses to the Earthquake Panel within the Nepal Earthquake Summit. Nepal’s Public Health sector was well-represented, as representatives practiced and acquired a mastery of public health response from prestigious hospitals, medical schools, undergraduate institutions, and/or hands-on experience in Nepal. In their presentations, the panelists described core issues pertaining to the public health response after the Nepal Earthquake in 2015, issues including the lack of transportation-based and health-based infrastructure as well as the deficit of affordability and accountability of public health aid in Nepal. The goal of the panel was to not only inform the audience of the form & function of the public health response to the 2015 earthquake in Nepal, but also to facilitate an open discussion for analysis, inquiries, and insights to assist in the formation of future protocol.