Welcome to my site! This ePortfolio documents my studies in the LACS 20 course, called “The Politics and Ethics of Development in Latin America” at Dartmouth College. The purpose of the course is to provide a social, political, and ethical context for the Cross-Cultural Education and Services Program I will participate in as the leader of the Clinical Health team in Nicaragua.

¡Bienvenidos a mi sitio! Este ePortafolio documenta mis estudios en el curso de LACS 20, que se llama “La Política y Ética de Desarrollo en Latinoamérica” en la universidad de Dartmouth. El propósito del curso es proveer un contexto social, político y ético para el programa de servicios y educación intercultural en que participaré como líder del equipo que se enfocará en la salud de la comunidad en Nicaragua. 


Map of Nicaragua

I will be flying into Managua; from there, I will be traveling to Hormiguero to work with the clinic.

Viajaré a Managua, y después a Hormiguero para trabajar con la clínica.

Below are descriptions for each of the components of my site:

About Nicaragua: An overview of traditional approaches to women’s health in Nicaragua.

About the Author: Fairly self-explanatory.

Blog Page: Includes weekly posts on my experiences in the LACS 20 course and my thoughts on relevant issues.

Oral History: Features my interview with Professor Martínez, of the Spanish and Portuguese department. Selected quotes have been transcribed and translated.

Traditional: An overview of my final project–produced with Angela Liu and Dave Lacroix–on traditional medicine in Nicaragua, with an emphasis on maternal health, childcare, and integrative medicine.

Research:  Contains a bibliography for all research presented on this site.