I was born and raised in Carletonville, a small mining town outside of Johannesburg, South Africa. I grew up listening to my parent’s 80s pop and glam-rock on repeat. In 2004 I heard The White Stripe’s Seven Nation Army and became instantly obsessed with the fuzzed-out guitars and pulsating bass-lines of 2000s indie-rock. In 2006 my dad bought me a second-hand guitar and the rest of it reads like a tired 80s rock anthem.

I graduated from Dartmouth College (USA) in 2018 with an AB in Engineering Sciences & Economics and a BE in Analytical Engineering. While at Dartmouth, I started to explore songwriting and audio engineering on a deeper level.  I studied recording and mixing techniques under Sunny Nam and began performing in and writing for various projects. I was also a member of the varsity track & field team and the Chi Gamma Epsilon fraternity

My research interests are focused around a broad notion of accessibility and include machine learning, instrument design, music analysis, and applied music cognition. My undergraduate honors thesis focused on developing a novel breath-based diagnostic for pediatric TB. As part of the study, I have spent time in TB clinics in both Hillbrow (Johannesburg) and Cape Town collecting breath samples and used computational techniques to isolate biomarkers of TB infection.

As a technologist, I have developed physical synthesis instruments and installations and am currently exploring computational approaches to sonifying imagined sound. I am currently a second-year in the Masters of Digital Musics program at Dartmouth and study under Michael Casey & Ashley Fure.