• New Media

    In our class we have considered how the Internet impacts Latinxs and others in society and the recent decision by the FCC to change net neutrality rules.

  • Public Art

    The Great Wall of Los Angeles was painted by community volunteers under the direction of Judith Baca from 1974-83 and was revitalized recently with fresh paint and by new volunteers.

  • Mural Art

    The Orozco Murals at Dartmouth College were painted by José Clemente Orozco from 1932-1934 and The Epic of American Civilization is now a National Historic Landmark.

  • Cinema & Performance

    Latinxs have represented themselves in musicals and films such as Zoot Suit and we consider the representations of and from Latinxs in cinema and on stage.

  • Latinx Music & Radio

    Students program their own radio shows at WebDCR at Dartmouth Broadcasting and we consider the influences of Latin American and Latinx music on our society. Pictured: Chucho Valdes, Cuban musician, who visited LATS 41 in 2010.

Latinxs in the Media

We are studying the ways in which the mass media affect the ways that Latinxs are perceived in our soicety.

Latinxs in the Arts

We consider how public art and the artists who produce art can also affect how society decodes this art.


This WordPress website is a collaborative effort by the students of LATS 41 in the winter term of 2018.

Final projects for LATS 41

This is a project-based class and the students work individually or in groups to produce final art-based or media-based projects, which are shared through this website and at the LATS 41 Culture Night.