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Patrick Rumble - 27OCT14 [1]

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The PCI to the Young People 
It’s sad. The polemic against
the PCI had to be made during the first half
of the past decade. You’re late, kids.
And it doesn’t matter if you had not been born yet…
Now the journalists of the world (including
those on televisions)
kiss (as I believe one still says in the university language) your asses. Not me, friends.
You have daddy’s boy faces
You were born with silver spoons in your mouths.
Good pedigrees, does not lie.
You all have the same naughty look.
You are fearful, uncertain, desperate
(great) but you also know how to be
assertive, blackmailers, and self-assured:
petty bourgeois characteristic, friends.
When yesterday at Valle Guilia you came to blows
with the policemen
I sympathized with the policemen!
Because the policemen are the children of the poor
They come from the suburbs, rural or urban.
As for me, I know very well
their way of been kids and teenagers,
the precious thousand liras, the father, remained a kid as well,
because of poverty, which does not give authority.
The mother callous as a porter, or tender
for some illness, as a bird;
the many siblings, the hut
between the gardens with red sage (in lands
of others, parceled); the low
on sewers, or the apartments in the large
tenements, etc. etc.
And then, look at them: dressed like clowns,
with the rough fabric that has a rancid stench
Worst of all, naturally, the psychological state in which they are reduced
(for about forty lire per month):
no more smiling,
no more friendship with the world,
separated, excluded (in an exclusion that has no equal)
humiliated by the loss of human qualities
in exchange for those of a policeman
(being hated makes you hate).
They are twenty years old, your age, dears.
We obviously are in agreement against the police institution
But blame the higher authority, and see!
The young policemen that you for sacred hooliganism (tradition of elected
Risorgimento) of spoiled children, you have beaten,
belong to the other social class.
At Valle Giulia, yesterday, there was a fragment
of class struggle: and you, friends (although in the
the right) were the rich ones,
while the policemen (who were in the
wrong) were the poor ones. Great victory is, therefore,
yours! In these cases,
we should give flowers to the policemen, friends.
GLi studenti di Italiano 9
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